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Each day millions of people are using cell phones to communicate with each other. Amongst these people there are those that talk, and those that text! This website is all about how to send text messages from your cell phone, so if you don't already know then why not learn how to text message?

Sending text messages has become a habit adopted my millions of people the world over, some are experts on the subject but others are novices who want to learn all about how they can send a text message!

We have free guides designed to help people of all ages and experiences in sending a text message from any type of cell phone. Formal or informal, there are many reasons and benefits for sending a text message so read on and find out what they are!

Just to make it clear from the start, anywhere on the site where we say 'text message' this means exactly the same thing as 'SMS message' and visa versa.

We guarantee to make the action of sending text messages easy for anyone, as once you have used our guides you will feel a lot more confident in your ability to use the text messaging function of a cell phone. We will also tell you all about text related subjects such as how you can recover deleted text messages, answer a common question 'Can I check text messages online?', and also provide a whole load of free funny text messages and romantic text messages, amongst many other things.

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How to Text

The demand to learn how to text message is huge in the world today, with cell phones playing a big part in the lives of people of all ages and professions. The fact is whether you have been using a cell phone for year, or picking one up for the first time, there are many benefits in learning how to send a text message.

For example the Apple iPhone has been a massive hit across the globe and is now a firm favorite for cell phone users. If you have an iPhone or are thinking about getting one, why not check out our page dedicated to how to text from an iPhone.

Not only do we provide free step-by-step guides on how to use a cell phone to text but we also have a whole range of other text message related information to share with you.

It is a fact that in the USA alone, over half a million text messages are sent every single minute of the day. This show just how many people are sending text messages, so learning how to text can't be too hard can it?

The guides that we provide on this site are free and as basic as basic can be, so don't worry about relying on friends or family to show you how to use your cell phone to send a text message, read all about it here and surprise them with your new found knowledge.

You can't always answer a ringing phone and find out what the caller has to say, it can be inconvenient and intrusive, however with a text message you can find out exactly what people want in seconds and respond as you see fit and in your own time, it is the ideal form of communication. A series of quick text messages can be cheaper and more suitable to your lifestyle than spending ages chatting on the phone.

Impress your friends, impress your family, learn how to text message!

Benefits of Text Messages

Top 5 reasons people send text messages:

  1. People are more likely to reply to a text message than a phone call. If your phone rings and you are not a position, or the mood, to answer it, then you let it go on ringing. If the caller does not leave a message you will not know what they wanted. If they had sent you a text message you know exactly what they were after and you can reply in your own time. It's the freedom of choice as long as you know how to reply to a text message from your cell phone.
  2. A text is far less intrusive than a phone call. Much like the first reason you can reply to a text if and when you want to without the need for somebody to intrude on what you are doing at that moment in time. You want to speak to them on your terms not theirs.
  3. Sending an SMS message is cheaper. Contracts and pay as you go phones will offer huge amounts of text messages at a minimal cost and it is cheaper to have a conversation over a few short messages, rather than spending time on the phone where you pay by the minute.
  4. A text message is more private, you may receive a call when you are at work or with friends that you don't want people around you to hear. You can reply to a text without anybody else knowing who you are talking to and what has been said. This means that you can send a text from anywhere you like and what you are doing can remain anonymous. Privacy means a lot to people.
  5. Not everybody is comfortable talking on the phone and text can be a great way to overcome this. It can break down social barriers if you are shy, say you got a girls number but you are too embarrassed to call her, send a text instead and you can say exactly what you want without worrying about her reaction, or what she might say back.

There are simply hundreds of different types of cell phones available today, and believe it or not the actual function for text messaging is fundamentally similar on all of them. Every single phone whether it is a touch screen phone, slide phone, flip phone or even an old analogue phone will have a main menu where you will find the option for messages. The first step is getting to grips with the phone, know what each key/button does and how to maneuver around the phone. The better you know your phone the easier it is to learn how to text message on it.

When you have got used to it then you will be able to find the text messaging option without any issue, it is always either one of the main 'options' or an option that you can get into from the main screen through any icon labeled 'text messages' or 'SMS messages'.

How to send a text message from your cell phone

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Once you have found this option then you are ready to learn how to text message! Please now go to either our 'how to send message' and 'how to send message - iPhone' pages in order to find out exactly what you need to do.

We also have a brief guide on how to text but this is more generic to the function and process of sending a text message, and is for those that know their way around a phone already. If this applies to you then by all means check that out too.

More Informaition

We hope that our guide on sending text messages has been able to assist you in finding out how to send a text message. Please see the many other pages we have such as our texting language dictionary as well as our pages on sending texts for free, text messages abbreviations and symbols and how to recover deleted text messages. Learning how to send SMS messages really couldn't be easier so make sure you educate yourself right here!

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