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If you want to know the best method of free text messaging online without having to sign up to some website or text club that is going to bombard you and the person that you are sending your text message to then you really want to read this page. We will tell you the best ways of free online texting where there is no sign up, no cost to you, no hassle and no catch. You will see a load of sites on the net offering ways to send a free text online but you have to be careful who you trust, not just for your sake but also for the recipients of the text messages that you send. Rest assured though you can trust what we have to say as we do not offer the facility ourselves, nor do we want any of your details. so rest assured we are looking out for you the consumer when it comes to free online text messaging. The way we are going to show you does not involve handing over any of your details to some third party website, not your name, your cell phone number or your email address either, you are cutting out the middle man that offers free text messaging online but really is out to make a profit.

We all need free texting online

We have all reached that time of the month where our cell phone credit has reached zero yet we still need to contact people just like on any normal day, so the logical solution is to get on the internet and look for free texting online. No matter what way you search for it there are literally hundreds of sites all saying the same thing and offering you the chance of free texting online through them. This looks and sounds great but is it all to good to be true? Remember when people provide a service they don't generally do it out of the kindness of their own hearts, they do it to make money and it is no different when it comes to apparent free text messaging online. Go flag a cab down at the side of the road and ask for a free ride, you know what the answer will be! There are genuine ways of free online texting though but because nobody makes any money out of them they are not right there in your face like all of the services that are trying to make a quick dollar, in fact you will have to spend a while looking for them which most people just aren't prepared to do. This is where we come in and we hope to be able to reach enough people and help them to send a free text online or several free texts online as the case may be, so that they do not end up wasting their time and money and not to mention their friends' money, when it comes to all of the other free text messaging online sites out there.

Why you should beware of sites offering a free text online facility

Before we go on to explain the best methods of free text messaging online we are going to provide a brief outline as to why most sites that offer a so called free texting online facility are bogus and only out to make money. When you look at these websites they are invariably the same, a simple design and what looks to be an easy way to send a free text online. The point of free text messaging online is for you to get a quick message to someone elses cell phone, it is as simple as that, so all that should be needed is the message and their cell phone number right? Well you will find that most sites want more information in addition to that such as your cell phone number or your email address.

Now considering it is all supposed to be no hassle and no sign up, why would they ask for your contact details for free texting online? Sure they can use your number in the text so the recipient knows it is from you but that is not actually necessary, you would have the common sense to sign it in your name knowing they will receive the message from an unfamiliar source. Your contact details are basically there for their marketing so that they can send you texts and emails on offers hoping to make money out of you. Some of these sites will ask you to text back in order to stop receiving the text messages that you have innocently signed up for and by sending that text they will make a dollar or more from your bill or credit, this can also be the case for the recipient of your text message as you have handed out their number to a third party too. It is methods like this that make them money, after all once you realise you have been charged you either have to call up a premium line to complain, hence them making more money out of you, or by the time you get your bill and see the charge you likely won't bother doing anything for the sake of a dollar or two. Catching thousands of people like this is how money is made!

The genuine methods of free text messaging online

So now we get to the golden question, what are the genuine methods of free text messaging online? If you are familiar with our site then you may have already read about these methods on our send a text message online page. If not then please see below because these are the best ways for free texting online.

The number one way that we recommend for you to take advantage of free text messaging online is to do this via your own email address as it is the quickest way to do so. Almost everybody has their own email address and if you don't then it takes a couple of minutes to set one up on sites like Yahoo or Hotmail. Considering many of the so called free online texting sites will require your email address this should not be enough to put your off achieving your goal here right? We are now going to explain step by step how you send a text message from an email account.

Free online texting from your carrier's website

Some of the big mobile phone networks/carriers in the USA will allow their customers to use a free texting messaging online facility on their website. It is a good idea to check the website of the cell phone network that you use and see if that is the case, they may ask you for login details and if you don't have these then you can set them up in no time at all and you are not handing out your details to a third party as remember you are already a customer with them. Alternatively, other cell phone networks may offer this facility even if you are not a customer, however remember if you have to register for their free online texting service then to make sure you opt out of any marketing if you don't want that. If on their website you can't see a facility for free texting online then it is worth using their website search tool and typing in something like 'free texting messaging online' or 'send free text online' and see if one comes up.

However, we strongly believe that the next method of free text messaging online is the easiest so take a look.

Free text online - Via email

This example will use the main network providers in the USA, remember this is the network provider of the recipient and not you the sender. You do not need to add your cell phone number anywhere to send a free text online this way.

From your email account you need to start a new email, there should be an option for 'new message'.

In the new email type your message as you would on your cell phone, try and keep it as short as possible as remember this is going through to somebody's phone and they will still get charged the text message fee that they would if you were sending the text from your cell phone, the longer it is the more messages that will take up.

After typing your message you will need to find out which network provider, or carrier as they are often called, your intended recipient uses. If you don't know which network provider or carrier that the intended recipient is with then you could always try putting all of the addresses in the 'to' field, remember it does not cost you to send emails and the message will make it's way through as long as one of the addresses that you have included is the correct network provider.

You will then put the following in the address field of the email:

  • AT&T:
  • Cricket:
  • Sprint Nextel:
  • T-Mobile:
  • US Cellular:
  • Verizon:
  • Virgin mobile:

For a full list of network providers/carriers in North America please see further down the page.

If you are in the UK the email addresses to send a free text online from email are:

  • Orange - or
  • O2 -
  • T-Mobile -
  • Vodafone -

REMEMBER - The '1234567890' above is to be replaced by the phone number of the person that you are sending the online text message to.

Once you have the message and address in place then hit the 'send' button and that is all you need to do to send a free text online.

Free text messaging online really is that easy!

Some of the network providers/carriers may only allow you to send a certain amount of text messages in a specified time period, usually per day if it applies. It is also possible for there to be a character limit when you send a free text online like this so perhaps it is best to refrain from writing an essay as we have mentioned above. If you have a lot to say then break it down into several free online texts, usually no more than 150 characters per text message.

We really hope that this guide to free online texting has been useful to you and that you will not waste your money using many of the sites on the internet who just want to collect your details for marketing purposes in order to push something that you don't want on you at a later date.

More than free text messaging online

We really hope that this page has been useful to you and that you are going to save yourself time, money and hassle by using our methods of free text messaging online. There is more to our site than just ways to send a free text online. Please take a look around at our popular texting abbreviations and symbols page, or if you are interested in free texting online then you may find out text for free page useful which provides information on getting hold of the best sim cards to send free text messages all month long.

Here is a full list of network providers/carriers for the USA if you want to send a text message from email

Provider   E-mail to SMS address format
3 River Wireless
Advantage Communications
Airtouch Pagers
Airtouch Pagers
Airtouch Pagers
Airtouch Pagers
Alltel PCS
Ameritech Paging
Arch Pagers (PageNet)
Arch Pagers (PageNet)
Bell South (Blackberry)
Bell South Mobility
Bell South
Bell South
Bluegrass Cellular
Boost Mobile
Carolina Mobile Communications
Cellular One East Coast
Cellular One PCS
Cellular One South West
Cellular One West
Cellular One
Cellular One
Cellular One
Cellular South
Central Vermont Communications
Cingular (GSM)
Cingular (TDMA)
Cingular Wireless
Communication Specialists
Cook Paging
Corr Wireless Communications
Dobson Communications Corporation
Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One
Edge Wireless
GCS Paging
Galaxy Corporation
GrayLink / Porta-Phone
Houston Cellular
Inland Cellular Telephone
JSM Tele-Page
Lauttamus Communication
MCI Phone
Metro PCS
Metrocall 2-way
Midwest Wireless
Midwest Wireless
Mobilecom PA
Morris Wireless
Pacific Bell
PageOne NorthWest
Pioneer / Enid Cellular
Price Communications
Public Service Cellular
RAM Page
ST Paging
Satelindo GSM
Simple Freedom
Skytel Pagers
Skytel Pagers
Smart Telecom
Southern LINC
Southwestern Bell
Sprint PCS
Surewest Communications
TSR Wireless
TSR Wireless
The Indiana Paging Co
US Cellular
USA Mobility
Verizon PCS
Verizon Pagers
Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile
WebLink Wireless
West Central Wireless
Western Wireless

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