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Friendship SMS Messages

If you are looking for ideas on a friendship sms message to send to someone close to you then you have come to the right page as we have loads of great ideas and examples of friendship text messages that you can take away for free! We have a whole range of friendship messages ranging from funny friendship sms messages to cute friendship sms messages and even some sad friendship sms messages as well.

There is something here for everyone so please read on and enjoy all that our page has to offer.

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What are friendship sms messages?

A friendship sms message is quite simply a text or sms message that you send to, or receive from, a friend that highlights the friendship between you. This can say a variety of things but primarily they say good and positive things about the relationship between you.

Friendship sms messages can often describe what you man to someone and also define the true meaning of a friend. It is always nice to find out how much people value your friendship and also to let people know how much you value theirs, so a friendship sms message is the perfect way to do this as almost everybody that we know in present times will have a cell phone.

Mobile phones are a great way of letting a friend know that you are thinking about them, missing them or that you are there for them when they need you. Just a few kind words can really mean a lot to somebody and what better way to provide those words than with a friendship text message.

Funny friendship sms messages

Here we are going to provide you with some great examples of funny friendship sms messages that you can copy onto your cell phone and send over to somebody you are already friends with, or perhaps someone new in your life that you want to become friends with. A funny friendship text message can brighten up someones day as much as a funny sms message can so why not cheer someone up that you know is going through a tough time at the moment.

  • Good friends are like fishes, you have to wait for a long time to catch one, I have managed to catch you though so stay a good friend or else I will fry you!
  • We are good friends, like two peas in a pod, I'm pepsi and you are sprite, I am sun and you are shine, I am water and you are jug, I am bread and you are butter, I am Tarzan and you are the chimp!
  • If we were letters in the alphabet you would be A - Attractive, B - Brave, C - Clever, D - Daring and I would be J - Joking ;)
  • Gorgeous, intelligent, kind, sweet, charming, witty, hilarious, friendly... Well, enough about me! So how are you doing today?

If you want a wider range of funny friendship sms messages to send to your buddies then please check out our funny sms messages page and also our funny text messages page where we have a large range for you to choose from. However, we really do hope that you have found something in this section and the sections that follow it that is useful for you to make a text message to send to one or several of your friends.

Best Friendship SMS Messages

Everybody has one or several best friends in their lives, the people they trust and rely on when they are in a crisis. This section has our best friendship sms messages that you can send to these special people in order to show them just how important they are to you.

  • I met you as a stranger, I leave you as a friend, as long as the world is turning, our friendship never ends.
  • A best friend is just like a four leaf clover, almost impossible to find and incredibly lucky to have.
  • Friendship is not about finding the right person but creating the right relation with someone. It's not how much we care in the beginning for that friend but how much we care until the end.
  • Friends are like balloons once you let them go you cant ever get them back, I just want you to know I have a strong grip on you.
  • The wrong kind of people don't like you because of the good in you, the right kind of people like you even though they know the worst in you, that is why you are the latter and my best friend.
  • Maybe I don't tell you enough but you are the best friend that somebody could ever have and I am lucky to have you in my life.
  • I Say and you listen makes a good friendship, you say and I listen is a better friendship, but I don't say and you understand is best friendship.
  • It takes a minute to find a friend, an hour to appreciate them, a week to love them but an entire life to forget them.
  • Best friends are like diamonds, they are valuable and rare, false friends are like leaves as they are scattered everywhere, to me you are a diamond and as the saying goes 'diamonds are forever'.

We hope that you have found something that you like in our best friendship sms messages section, please feel free to check back in the future as we will be adding more and more to this collection.

Cute friendship sms messages

There are plenty of ways to send a text message to a friend to let them know you are thinking about them, but sometimes cute friendship sms messages can be the best way to get them to smile and be happy. A cute friendship sms message is one that people automatically like and want to share with other people because they are touched by what is on the screen in front of them.

  • My heart is like an open book, it depends on how you read it. Don"t judge me by my cover but instead look inside and discover and you will find that I will be your true friend forever.
  • If I had made the alphabet I would have put 'U' and 'I' together.
  • A friend is for life not just for Christmas.
  • It's not an achievement to make a thousand friends in a year, an achievement is when you make one friend for a thousand years.
  • Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there is only a single today. And I would never let it pass without telling you that I'm thinking of you.
  • It takes two to tango, two to kiss. two to talk & reminisce. So many good things come in twos & one of them is me & you!

Not found anything that you like in our cute friendship sms messages? Why not check out the other pages on our site that have a whole range of text message examples for you to copy into your cell phone for free to then send to your friends.

Sad friendship sms message

There are all sorts of different friendship messages that you can send to your friends and others that are close to you and many of these are amusing and positive messages. However, there are times when sad friendship messages are in order and in this section we have some example of these for you to copy onto your cell phone and send to a friend. These may not be as upbeat as the other friendship sms messages on this page but never the less a sad friendship message can still be quite touching to somebody.

  • I didn't realise how big a part you played in my life until you were gone.
  • No friendship is perfect and without sad and difficult times, we are only human and we will get through this together.
  • If we didn't ever argue then life would be boring my friend.
  • Life is not a waste as long as there is at least one person in the world who cares for you. So when things go wrong and you feel like giving up, remember that you have got me!
  • Nobody's right till somebody's wrong, nobody's weak till somebody's strong, nobody's lucky till love comes along, nobody's lonely till somebody's gone. I miss you

More than friendship text messages

We really hope that you have found the friendship sms messages on this page useful and that you have taken the time and trouble to copy one or several of them onto your cell phone so that you can send them over to your friends and others that are close to you. There is much more to our website than just cute, best, sad and funny friendship sms messages so please take a little more of your time to look around at all that we have to offer. This includes ways that you can send your friendship text messages to your friends online and for free with our free text messaging online page! What better way to send any sort of text message to somebody than at no charge to yourself!

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