iPhone 4 Problems

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who own the Apple iPhone 4 and whereby many of these people are more than happy with this top of the range mobile device, many suffer with a range of problems with iPhone 4. This page is here to highlight the most common iPhone 4 problems and also offer a solution for you so that your iPhone 4 issues can become a thing of the past. If you are one of these people who has an iPhone 4 problem then fear not because help is at hand for free, surely a better option than paying an expert to take a look and charging you a small fortune!

Do you have iPhone 4 problems?

Just like with every single piece of technology available to consumers there are iPhone 4 problems with the current top notch Apple mobile phone product. There is no such thing as a flawless piece of technology that can't go wrong or that is not in any danger of being subject to some glitch or other over the course of time. I am sure we will get there one day but for now you just have to be prepared that you may have problems with the iPhone 4 and will need to seek help in order to fix them, no shame in that as no cell phone is indestructible.

Of course many people will have bought their iPhone 4 directly from Apple or as part of a cell phone contract and will have some sort of warranty with Apple care so if you do have iPhone 4 problems within the first year or two of owning the product, you will be able to send it back to be fixed or be able to claim a replacement, as easy as that. However, there are hundreds of thousands of iPhone 4 products that are passed on and sold without this option so when iPhone 4 problems occur the current owner of the phone can do little about it other than pay somebody to take a look at it, something that is never cheap, or search online for an answer to their iPhone 4 problem.

If you are one of the people who fits into this latter category then websites just like this one are here to help you out for free with your iPhone 4 problems!

Top 5 problems with iPhone 4

There are a great many things that can bring about problems with iPhone 4, some of them perhaps the owner could be at fault for and some that just occur by chance or as bad luck would have it. Generally most of these iPhone 4 issues are fixable though so don't go throwing your iPhone at the wall or in the trash can just yet! This section is going to highlight the top 5 problems with iPhone 4 and I can almost guarantee that the majority of people reading this page will be able to relate their iPhone 4 problem to one of these.

iPhone 4 problems number 1 - The battery isn't very good

If you are experiencing iPhone 4 problems then it is highly likely that you will class one of these as the battery not working very well and that it does not last as long as you would expect for one of the best smartphones on the market. Well if you are somebody that has upgraded from an iPhone 4 or 3g/3gs you must notice that the battery life has significantly improved? However, it is more than fair for you expect this to be better and to last longer considering this is a top of the range product that may have cost you a small fortune to own. Even if you are using your iPhone 4 to access the internet, play games and make several calls a day you would not expect battery life of some ten hours or less, yet that is something that many consumers have found and this is a genuine iPhone 4 issue.

The solution to this iPhone 4 issue - The solution is simple if you have a warranty or insurance and that is to have it looked at just in case your model is a 'lemon' or in plain terms 'faulty' or 'sub-standard'. If this is the case then it can be replaced for you. If one of these options are not available to deal with this iPhone 4 issue then one thing you could do is learn how to maximize the battery life of your iPhone 4 and there are plenty of websites that can tell you how to do that, one tip is to turn 3g/wifi off when you are not using it so that the phone is not constantly trying to connect to something or scanning for networks.

It is possible to obtain a new battery and fix this i Phone 4 problem yourself, however this can be tricky and it is not something that we recommend. Phone stores locally or online can do this for you and they may not be cheap but at least there is no chance of you fiddling around and damaging the iPhone yourself and causing yourself further problems with iPhone 4. If you fancy your chances though there are plenty of tutorials on sites such as youtube that will guide you through the process.

iPhone 4 problem number 2 - It breaks so easily!

One of the main problems with iPhone 4 is that they are not very robust. Obviously cell phones aren't meant to be dropped on the floor or it is ill advised to bash it around in your pocket or your handbag, but these things happen and a broken screen is a very common iPhone 4 problem. It was supposed to be made of much tougher glass than previous iPhone models and it was even claimed that the glass on the iPhone 4 was 'harder than plastic' to the thirtieth degree or something similar. However, glass is still breakable and bouncing it off the floor is always going to be a problem! Obviously when you look at the iPhone 4 you can see that there is a lot of glass there to break so this was always going to potentially be one of the problems with iPhone 4.

The solution to this i Phone 4 problem - Ok so with a nice new smartphone you go with the attitude 'if you got it then flaunt it' and using your iPhone 4 just as it is puts it on display whether you have just taken it out of your pocket to rest on the table or you have it to your ear speaking loudly so everyone can hear you on your nice shiny iPhone 4. This however is not the sensible option and if you want to reduce the chances of having problems with iPhone 4 that involve cracked screens then get yourself a case. There are a huge range of Apple iPhone accessories available today both online and in stores and they do not need to cost you much at all. You can get a case that covers the back of your iPhone 4 as well as the screen and this will significantly reduce the chances of breakage should an accident happen. It is a simple but effective solution to this iPhone 4 problem and one that we advise you go ahead with. This can also avoid dents and scratching from everyday wear and tear such as taking it in and out of your pocket or handbag.

If you have already encountered this iPhone 4 issue and are wondering what to do next then it is advisable to take advantage of the Apple care warranty if you have it. If you don't then how about claiming on your insurance if you have the cell phone as part of a contract? If you do not have insurance or a cell phone contract then we suggest taking your problem with iPhone 4 to a cell phone retailer as they can often have the screen or casing replaced for you at a price. Alternatively, there are services on the internet such as on eBay that deal with all sorts of problems with iPhone 4 and you can send your handset to them to replace the screen or casing, again for a fee. If you can get hold of the parts yourself then there are also tutorials online that show you how to replace them but we do recommend that this is one iPhone 4 problem that you have an expert take care of!

iPhone 4 issue number 3 - I keep losing signal when in a good area for reception

One of the main iPhone 4 issues is caused by you the consumer and you probably have no idea that this is the case, until now of course! Amongst other iPhone 4 problems it has been widely moaned about that signal strength is not very good at all when you are on a call, even when you are in an area that has good reception. The reason for this could be that the way that you hold the phone is reducing the effectiveness of the antenna, this is if you are one of the many people that hold a cell phone with their left hand. As far as problems with iPhone 4 goes this may sound quite ridiculous but it is in fact completely true!

There are two antennas on the phone and when you hold the phone with your left hand you are putting your skin over them and the result is a plummet in the strength of the signal. The external antenna was put on the iPhone 4 in order to boost the reception but clearly if you are someone that holds their phone with their left hand this is not the case.

Just to prove that you are not going crazy reading this, look at the bands on the casing and see how these are covered by your hand when you are holding the phone with your left hand. Of course you can try holding the iPhone differently in the left hand but then you risk dropping it and causing a load more iPhone 4 issues for yourself!

The solution to this iPhone 4 issue - Well the solution to this iPhone 4 issue is quite simple, either do not hold the phone in your left hand, especially in an area where you already have a bad reception, and/or get a case so that your skin is never touching the antenna, or casing as you can easily be forgiven for thinking it is. There is nothing that Apple or any other expert can do to help you with this iPhone 4 issue so time to invest in a cheap case!

iPhone 4 problem number 4 - My iPhone 4 keeps turning itself off

If one of your iPhone 4 problems is that the handset has a mind of its own and decides when it wants to turn on and off then you are not alone as this is an issue that may people have found. Of course you should be the one that decides when this happens though as that is why the handset has an on and off button after all!

The solution to this iPhone 4 problem - There are a couple of things that you can try first such as doing a restore on iTunes or updating the firmware if this has not been done in a while. If you are experiencing iPhone 4 problems with the battery then perhaps it is time to get that changed either by using your Apple warranty, cell phone insurance, paying an expert at a phone store to do this or having a crack at it yourself if you can get hold of the new battery. If the battery life is fine then you are best off taking the iPhone back to the store in order to get a replacement. If the latter is not an option and it is a faulty model that you have no way of replacing without paying top dollar then you can always sell the iPhone 4 online for parts as many people will still pay a good price knowing that they can fix them. This may not be the answer to this i phone 4 problem that you were looking for but that is the price that is paid for not having a warranty or insurance on such an expensive product.

iPhone 4 problems number 5 - Reversed volume buttons

This iPhone 4 problem sounds a little silly and you would think how on earth could such a simple mistake be made when making the mighty iPhone 4? However, this is a very rare issue as far as problems with iPhone 4 go. It means that when you free the volume increase button in the side of the phone the volume actually decreases, and visa versa, annoying but not the end of the world.

The solution to this iPhone 4 problem - There is a simple solution to this iPhone 4 problem and that is either get your handset replaced through warranty or insurance if you have that option available. If you don't then obviously after you have realised this is an iPhone 4 problem then you know what to do from now on and that is use the buttons in reverse or just use the volume up and down option on the screen. Neither of these options are too testing and although it may be a bit of an inconvenience at first you will soon get used to it. Don't try turning the phone upside down though as you will then be listening to the microphone and talking into the receiver, this will make participating in any phone calls much more difficult!

What to do about your iPhone 4 issues

As we have highlighted above in the solution sections of top 5 problems with iPhone 4, there are several ways to resolve iPhone 4 issues and these range from taking advantage of cell phone insurance or a warranty with Apple to trying your hand at a bit of DIY! Generally getting an expert to take a look at your iPhone 4 issues is the recommended course of action because although they may be expensive they know what they are doing and they can help you make the most of your phone going forward. Trying to fix an iPhone 4 issue yourself can lead to further damage that may not be reparable or for your to invalidate the warranty altogether and to save time and money when you are dealing with a piece of technology that is so expensive, simply is not worth it.

Steps that we recommend taking to resolve problems with iPhone 4:

  • Warranty - Every Apple iPhone 4 comes with a year warranty so if you are buying this new from a store or on a phone contract then make sure that you inquire about this if it is not brought up initially. If you are buying the iPhone 4 second hand then always ask if the warranty is still running and for as much information on this as possible. The Apple care warranty can also be extended for a further year for around fifty dollars and this is well worth doing!
  • Cell phone insurance - If you are taking out any cell phone plan with one of the big network providers then it is always worth taking out cell phone insurance and keeping up to date with this as it can be a safety net if you experience any iPhone 4 problems in the future. This may seem like an unnecessary extra cost but paying a few bucks a month extra beats having to shell out for a brand new iPhone or to cover the costs of repair in the future because you can't fix any unexpected iPhone 4 issues that come up. If you buy the iPhone 4 outright then there is the option of taking out a cell phone insurance policy yourself but remember more often than not the onus to do that is on you!
  • Paying an expert - As we have mentioned when covering some of the issues with iPhone 4, one of your options is to pay an expert at a local phone store or a phone store online that you can send your handset away to. This is invariably the most expensive option because it is by and large a last resort before you admit defeat with your iPhone 4 issues or just decide to try and fix them yourself. Yes it is an expensive one off cost but it is cheaper than going out and buying a brand new phone and they may even be able to replace parts that are sub standard while they are at it.
  • Fix it yourself - If you are having problems with your iPhone 4 then there is always the option of trying to fix them yourself, these include, changing the screen or the battery but I can almost guarantee that ninety nine out of a hundred people would not be confident in doing this. There are tutorials on the internet where people guide you through fixing iPhone 4 problems step by step but you need to be aware that getting stuck or making one wrong move could be costly and you can end up doing more harm to your iPhone than good. If you can get the parts and think you can do it then by all means go for it as it is the cheapest option if you don't have insurance or the Apple care warranty but for most people this will only end in tears!
  • Cut your losses - There is always the option of just cutting your losses if you are having iPhone 4 problems and selling your handset on in order to try and raise funds to get a new one. There are plenty of online auction websites and also free ad websites such as craigslist that will allow you to list and sell your iPhone 4. We do suggest you are honest about any problems with iPhone 4 that you have had but generally people will buy a faulty product if they have the knowledge and skills to fix it. This is not an ideal scenario but if you have no insurance or Apple care warranty then it may be the only thing to do bar tossing the handset in the trashcan!

More Information

We hope that there has been something on this page that has been able to help you with your iPhone 4 problems. If you are getting sick to death of having problems with iPhone 4 and are thinking of getting yourself another model or different cell phone altogether then why not check out our iPhone 5 release date page as that talks about the latest and greatest Apple cell phone product that is due to be launched to consumers in late 2011. We also have a page on the best smartphones so the handsets available in addition to what Apple has to offer. It is not ideal to have iPhone 4 issues but there are plenty of sites like this one and tutorials available on the internet to point you in the right direction to getting them fixed or to even have a go at fixing a iPhone 4 problem yourself.

There is much more to our site than just i phone 4 problems so please feel free to check our all of the great information that we have here for free. If your iPhone 4 problem has left you without a cell for a while then why not check out our great ways to take advantage of free text messaging online? Thank you for reading and good luck with your iPhone 4 issues.

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