How to retrieve deleted text messages?

We have all done it, deleted a text message from our cell phone by mistake. The general conception is that once something has been deleted your cell it is gone forever, but that is not necessarily the case. Retrieving deleted text messages is something that is possible to a degree, and this page is where you are going to find out how to do it. There are literally thousands of people coming online each month to find out how to retrieve deleted text messages, and the process in which this is done is a very simple one indeed.

Can I recover a deleted text message?

First of all we just want to make it clear that yes in some cases it is possible to get back text messages and pictures messages that have been previously deleted. This is not to say that you can get back everything that you have ever deleted though, as there are a few restrictions. The sooner that you act the better, as the software that you use in order to recover deleted texts, can only work in a certain time frame. This is unless you have an iPhone, as you can always restore the phone to an earlier date from previous syncs on your iTunes, as this is a great way of recovering deleted text messages from the past.

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What can be recovered?

As we have already said, it is not everything that can be recovered once it has been deleted, but something is better than nothing right? When you delete something that has been previously been saved on your SIM card memory, such as a text or a picture message, it has not gone for good, even though you can't see it anymore. All that has happened is that space is freed up in order for you to be able to save more texts, pictures and other such data.

It is what has been previously deleted from the SIM card memory that you can get back, and it is an incredibly easy process to make this happen.

Of course you may not remember whether the text message you want to recover was saved on your phone or the SIM card, but you never know until you try, so this method has got to be worth a shot!

One thing that you shouldn't waste your time doing is calling your network provider to ask about recovering deleted text messages, as they will just tell you that it can't be done. This is because retrieving deleted text messages is time, hassle and cost for them to provide a service to customers that will do this. Imagine if they said yes they would have half the world asking for a whole range of deleted items from phones stretching back years and they just don't need the trouble that this would create and to be fair who can blame them.

The software that you will use can do more than help you read deleted text messages it can also retrieve deleted call records, names, numbers, pictures, videos and other data that is deletable from a phone, it is pure genius!

How do I view deleted text messages - What you need to do

Firstly you need to understand that this can't be done with your phone alone and there is no free way of doing it(unless you already have a USB SIM card reader). As long as you understand and accept these two basic concepts then you will get your hands on the deleted text messages and other data that you require. If you don't like that you will have to pay then I would just give up now instead of wasting time searching for a free way because you won't find one, guaranteed! Don't be alarmed though the one thing you need is only going to cost a couple of bucks. This information is worth paying for if somebody is that eager to get their eyes on it!

Here are the simple instructions of how to retrieve deleted texts.

There are two things you will need to buy in order to get retrieve deleted SMS messages and these are:

  • A SIM card data recovery program

    - These can easily and safely be downloaded from the internet, just Google them.
  • A USB SIM card reader

    - This is a basic mechanism that you put the SIM card into and attach to your computer via the USB port. This is then up by the SIM card data recovery program that you will have downloaded to your computer or laptop. These can be bought on eBay, Amazon and a whole range or websites online and also high street retailers. They cost next to nothing, and are the one off expense for this whole task.

Once you have both of these then that is the hard work done and all you need to do now get back your deleted text messages is place your SIM card into the USB SIM card reader and then attach this to your computer via a free USB port.

Open the SIM card data recovery program that you have downloaded which will pick up the USB SIM card reader and all of the information that you want to see, and perhaps someone else doesn't want you to see, is there before your eyes. Good luck!

Why retrieving deleted text messages has appeal

There are many reasons why people want to read text messages that have been deleted in error or even on purpose! Here is a quick list of reasons why you may want to view deleted text messages:

  • Parental guidance

    - Parents want to know what is going on with their kids and there is no better way than to keep in the loop than to check their cell phones which will hold all of their secrets! Even parents that don't know how to work their kids' phone can use this software, so don't let technology stop you from viewing deleted text messages. Kids may think they are smart by deleting their text messages that they don't want their parents to see but you can be smarter by retrieving the information they don't want you to have. This can keep them safe as much as catch them out!
  • Suspicious minds

    - Many people have certain suspicions about what their partner is up to and although you may be able to get hold of their cell phone what if they have been smart enough to delete anything incriminating? Put them to the test by being that one step ahead and finding out how to recover deleted text messages from their cell phones. If they have nothing to hide then there won't be any problem seeing what has been deleted right?
  • Memories

    - You may have accidentally deleted a text from your phone which held a message from someone close to you and you want to get it back. We can show you how to see deleted texts like this so that you can restore them to your phone.
  • Employees

    - If you suspect one of your employees is up to no good or abusing the use of a company phone then it will be possible to not only read deleted text messages but also see deleted call records as well. You are the boss be smart and catch them out!

The sooner you get on the case the better. Anything that has recently been deleted can be recovered without issue but the further back you are searching the more chance that they have been lost forever. But unless you try retrieving deleted text messages you will never know!

More information

We hope that the information we have provided on this page has helped you to retrieve the deleted text messages that you wanted to get back again. Remember if you have an iPhone you can always restore your phone to previous dates via iTunes, and this may bring back information that you have since deleted in error.

There is plenty more to our website than recovering deleted text messages, so please take the time to look around while you are online, at all of the free information that we have on offer.

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