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Romantic Text Messages

Sending a romantic text message to a loved one or somebody who you are trying to impress can go down an absolute treat. Both men and women enjoy receiving a romantic text message from somebody which shows that they are thinking about them and quite often this small gesture can be enough to turn a bad or boring day into a good one!

On this page we have provided a list of components that can be used successfully in romantic text messages to send to that special somebody in your life. You don't have to copy ours word for word, they may provide you with inspiration to create your own message, being original is always better as it shows that you have put effort into the text. Also remember keep it short and sweet it doesn't need to be an essay and can leave her looking forward to the next time she sees you as well as texting you back quickly. I say her as the chances are that 99% of people reading this page will be men!

Guys often worry about their image and reputation when texting a girl and are often not sweet or caring enough which is not what impresses girls. Why not try acting a little sensitive and say something that will make her smile and want to treasure the text? Girls are more likely to respond to your sensitive side than if you are typically masculine!

Start the text off with by addressing them a complement:

Hey gorgeous...
Hey beautiful...
Hey Loveley...

It doesn't hurt to start off with a question - girls love to be asked questions as it shows that you are interested in them, try:

How is your day going?
How are you?
What's up?
How's work/school?

Make the point that you didn't have to text them but you were thinking of them so thought you would contact them:

Was thinking about you so thought I would send you a text.
Can't get you out of my head so wanted to say hi.
Didn't want to wait til tonight/later/tomorrow to tell you...

If it's somebody you are close to pay them a complement and refer to something you like about them:

Was just thinking about your beautiful eyes...
I'm missing that gorgeous smile...
Looking forward to kissing those beautiful lips...

Also tell them something sweet and sensitive that will make them smile:

I miss you...
I'm thinking of you...
I can't wait to see you...
Looking forward to tonight...

If you have a pet name for your girl then include this don't just randomly say :

Alright darlin...

When you are sending a romantic text message to your wife or girlfriend then it is easier to be more open and saying things like 'I love you' won't get them barring your number or changing theirs! Try something really romantic like:

Just thought I would send you a quick text to tell you I love you x

You mean the world to me x

I love you more everytime I see you x

If I don't tell you that I love you enough it doesn't mean I'm not thinking it x

I just saw.../just heard... and thought of you/us. Love you x

Don't be afraid to put a kiss on the end 'x' even if you do feel soft doing it!

If you are sending a romantic text message to somebody that you are trying to impress then be careful what you say as you do not want to come across too strong with somebody you don't know. This is because you will have no idea how they will react. Try something flattering almost straight away to test the water and see her reaction:

So what do you do when you aren't modelling for the cover of Maxim?

You looked stunning when we met last night/week I couldn't quite believe we got talking!

Your boyfriend is a lucky guy, you must have one right?

Why am I single? Because I never meet girls like you!

Of course the text depends on how you know her, where you met her but the above can be adapted, just be charming and flattering, paying her a complement is the best thing you can do, just don't lay it on too thick!

You will want to keep it short and sweet and make sure you ask a question to prompt a response and don't put your life story in a text message, the more she responds and asks you questions the more you can say but the first initial romantic text message could be something like:

Hey it's Joe from the bar last night. How are you? x

Once you have established conversation then drop one of the above in as a romantic text message:

So last night you never told me what you do? By the look of it your job is to model for Maxim so what about in your free time?x

Here are lines that you do NOT want to put in a romantic text message because they do not impress women at all!

Who put those stars in your eyes?
Is your father a thief because he stole the stars for your eyes?
Are you tired? Because you have been running through my mind all day!
If I could re-arrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.
If beauty were time you would be eternity.

The list is endless and it is a pianful one, who seriously reads stuff like that and thinks that it is material to get them somewhere with girls? It isn't so laugh at it and leave it well alone!

These and so many so called 'romantic text messages' like them are cheesey and women have heard them all before and didn't like them the first time, they are not original, show no thought at all and if you don't know somebody so well then they can come accross as very creepy!

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