Sweet SMS Messages and Cute SMS Messages

If you are looking for ideas on sweet sms messages and cute sms messages then you have come to the right place! This page has a whole load of free ideas for you when it comes to sending friends, family and loved ones sweet text messages and cute text messages. Feel free to type any of the ideas that we have on our page into your cell phone and send them to people that you know, or just let them inspire you to come up with your own sweet sms ideas! We also have ideas for sweet love sms messages as well as sweet and cute messages that go beyond just words in an sms message so check these out!

Almost everybody that we know has a cell phone and if there is one thing that everyone likes doing with their cell phones it is sending sms messages! There are a million reasons as to why we are sending text messages to people that we know all day long but sometimes this is because we want to let somebody know that we are thinking about them, to try and cheer them up or just to make them smile because we want to. In order to do this you could send someone a funny sms message as a joke always goes down well, however why not try sending them a sweet or cute sms message instead? This is often a better idea when you are trying to get the attention of a certain girl or boy and if you have their cell phone number then sending them sweet text messages or cute text messages really could be the difference between having a better chance with them and just remaining another name in their phone book! Sending cute messages and sweet messages is one thing, but if you really want to make an impact with somebody of the opposite gender, whether you know them well or not, romantic text messages and love sms messages are a truly fantastic way of getting noticed and letting somebody know how you feel about them so check our dedicated pages to these out while you are online!

Cute text messages / Cute sms messages

We are going to start off with some ideas for cute text messages in our first section. Sending a cute sms message to someone really could be a great way to make someones day whether they are having a bad day or just because you want to let them know that you are thinking of them, or even to make them smile because you are nice and thoughtful like that. A cute text message can really go a long way to cheering somebody up and you will leave your mark with them when they are able to remember you as that someone who made their day better!

Why not send a cute text message to someone that sounds a little bit like this:
  • 5 nice words, 'I really care for you', 4 honest words, 'you are so special', 3 true words 'I love you', 2 important words, 'miss you', and one word that all of these have in common 'You'.
  • If you are busy and this message is disturbing you or I am being a nuisance, I do apologize but I want you to know that.... I... love... being a nuisance!
  • Girls are like cell phones, they like to be held and talked to, but if you press the wrong button you get disconnected, to me you are a top of the range smartphone!
  • I will always remember the day that I met you as it was the happiest moment of my life, I just hope there never comes a day from which I will never see you again as that will surely be the saddest!
  • There are no words that I can put into this sms message that can describe just how lovely you are, I hope this message makes you smile even a fraction as much as the thought of you makes me smile!
  • I have a little angel flying around hitting people that I care about on the head so that they get a little piece of my love, you best prepare for a real headache when she gets round to you!
  • Once a while good people need a reminder of how special and lovable they are. So consider yourself reminded !!

These cute sms message ideas are free for you to use in messages to somebody that you know, but why risk sending something that they may have already heard before? Why not use these ideas as inspiration to come up with your own original words when it comes so sending somebody a cute message!

Sweet text messages / Sweet sms messages

There is not an awful lot of difference between sending sweet text messages and cute text messages, the principle is to make someone smile or to try and woo someone that is already special to you or someone that you want to be special to you. In this next section we have plenty more ideas that can help you send the perfect sweet text message to somebody that you know.

  • It is a fact that as long as one person in the world cares about you that it is worth smiling about, so whenever things might not go your way or you are having a bad day, always remember that I am that one person that cares for you!
  • I just wanted to let you know that the first thought that came into my head on this beautiful day was of you!
  • Apparently caring for someone is easy but making somebody else care for you is very hard, so I just wanted to know how you made me care for you so much?
  • Everyone that meets you wants to be the sun that lights up your light, but I would much rather be your moon so that I can shine on you during your darkest hour!
  • A friendship is sweet when it is new, but is sweeter when it becomes true, but the one that is the stweetest for me is the friendship that I have with you!
  • Thank you for touching my life in ways that you may never know. The most important things in my life do not lie in wealth or material possessions, but in having somebody like you to share it with!
  • Another month, Another year, Another smile, Another tear, Another winter, A summer too, but as life goes on there will never be Another YOU!

We hope that this section on sweet text messages has been able to give you some great ideas for sweet sms messages to send to friends, family and also that special someone in your life. There are much better ways to send messages to people to let them know you care about them than with just words though so please check out the next section where we let you in on these! If you want to let someone know that you feel a bit more than just friendship then check out our sweet love sms messages ideas further down the page.

Ideas for sweet messages and cute messages

We hope that you have found the above ideas that we have for sweet sms messages and cute sms messages useful, however there are more ways to make somebody smile than just words in a text message! In this next section we are going to give you some more ideas for sweet messages and cute messages that are a bit more original and thoughtful!

If you know the person that you are sending your sweet messages to then you are going to know what they do and they don't like right? Make the message that you are sending to them more personal by attaching a picture to it, you can send MMS messages with both words and pictures on. A few ideas of things that people like that could make them when you are sending a cute message to them:

  • Girls always like animals, why not attach a picture of a cute bunny rabbit, a kitten or a puppy to your sweet sms message?
  • If you know the person and you know what music they like then why not attach a music file to the sweet message, it may be a song they like, a song that you think that they might like or even a song that you both like together, if it is a loved one you may have a special song with them.
  • Send a cute message with a web link if the recipient has a smart phone and say that this something made you think of them, it may be a song, a poem, a picture, something that will be touching to them.
  • Why not surprise someone with your sweet messages and arrange to go to the cinema, the theater or somewhere else special and send them a sweet sms message saying you have a surprise and giving them a clue? Maybe even send them a link to a show you are taking them to see?
  • Take a picture of a flower or something heart shaped and send this to someone as a cute message and tell them you can't be with them to give them one of these but this was the next best thing!
  • Arrange to go on a picnic and take a picture of the basket and bottle of bubbly and send this to them in your sweet sms messages and tell them to prepare for it!

There are so many ideas that you can come up for your sweet and cute text messages and these really can be enhanced with smart phones because you have the option of taking pictures and videos and sending them with the message. The whole point of these ideas is to think outside of the box and be original, after all anyone can send some words in a text message but to do something a little different really can have the person you are sending the cute messages to wooed at with your efforts!

Sweet love sms messages

There are ways of being a bit more obvious in letting people know how you feel about them and that is by going that extra mile and opening up though a sweet love sms message. We have got plenty of ideas for sweet love sms messages on some of the other pages on this site so what we suggest you do is combine some of the ideas on this page with the ideas that you find on the pages that we have listed below. There is no shame in being open and honest with someone about the way that you feel and unless you do this they may never know. It is always better to let somebody know how you feel and find out that they either feel the same way or perhaps they don't, rather than never taking the chance and then never knowing what could have been. Sweet love messages really are a great way to get your feelings across and sending these is much easier than going up to somebody in person and opening up to them. Along with the cute sms and sweet sms ideas on this page why not check the following pages out for ideas on your sweet love message:

  • Love text messages
  • Romantic text messages
  • Funny sms messages

More than just sweet sms messages and cute sms messages

We hope that our page on sweet sms messages and cute sms messages have given you some good ideas when it comes so sending text messages over to your friends and loved ones. There is so much more to our website than ideas on sweet text messages and cute text messages so please take the time to look at all of the brilliant free information that we have on offer here. If this page has been of interest to you then you may also find our page on love sms messages or romantic text messages useful. Remember when it comes to sending your sweet messages and cute messages it really can pay to think outside of the box and be original so we do urge you to be a little bit more imaginative than just sending a basic text message!

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