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Texting abbreviations and Symbols

When you are sending a text message to somebody it can often be a real chore to write every single word out in the correct English, if you have a lot to say this can end up as a real essay. You may also be pushed for time and want to get something quick and simple across to somebody. Either way, text message abbreviations and texting shorthand are a brilliant way to significantly shorten your messages.

Not only do text abbreviations help you with making messages shorter, they save you money by each text not ending up as multiple messages. It is not just these abbreviations that are so popularly used, it is also texting symbols and acronyms. We have a page dedicated to each of these as well and you will see links to them on the menu to the left of the page.

You may already use these in every text message that you send, but it is always worth checking out a few more to add to those already in the memory bank. This is where out comprehensive texting abbreviations list can help.

We have compiled a list of abbreviations for texting that has something in it for everyone. If you are new to using your mobile phone and need some help in learning how to text message then please visit our other pages as we have a step by step guide on how to do this with a variety of different phones, and every piece of information that we give out on this site is totally free of charge!

Ok, so text abbreviations are not necessarily correct English and if you use them too much they can become to be a bit of a bad habit, but they are incredibly useful when you are writing to friends on your cell phone. Whether it is a texting acronym such as 'lol' (laugh out loud), an abbreviated word such as 'l8r' (later) or a texting symbol such as the commonly used smiley face ':)' you can make a text message much more straight forward, colloquial and also personal for the recipient. You will see from the following list of common text message abbreviations and symbols that you really can shorten almost anything to include it in a text message!

Text Message Abbreviations and Shorthand

An abbreviation as we all know is how a longer word or phrase is shortened. For instance a texting abbreviation could be shortening the word 'later' to 'l8r' or 'mate' to 'm8'. Please see below for a list of texting abbreviations. These are a very common form of texting slang used when people are communicating using their cell phones, emails and instant messaging. It is possible to shorten pretty much any word in order to make it a text message abbreviation, so there is really no right or wrong way to do it, as long as it makes sense to the person that you are sending the message to!

List of texting abbreviations

Here is a full list for you!


  • ABT - About
  • ACK -Acknowledge
  • ADD - Address
  • ADDY - Address
  • ADMIN - Administrator
  • ADR - Address
  • AIGHT - Alright
  • AWESO - Awesome


  • BK - Back
  • B2W - Back to work
  • B8 - Bait
  • B9 - Boss is watching
  • B4 - Before
  • B4N - Bye for now
  • B/C - Because
  • BCOS - Because
  • BDAY - Birthday
  • B-DAY - Birthday
  • BF - Boyfriend
  • BHL8 - Be home late
  • BOYF - Boyfriend
  • BRD - Bored


  • CIAO - Good-bye
  • CMON - Come on
  • CONGRATS - Congratulations
  • COS - Because
  • CR8 -Create
  • CUL8R - See you later
  • CYA - See you
  • CYAL8R - See you later


  • D46? - Down for sex?
  • DNR - Dinner
  • DNT - Don’t
  • DV8 - Deviate


  • E1 - Everyone
  • EMA - E-mail address
  • EMSG - E-mail message
  • ENUF - Enough
  • EVA - Ever
  • EVO - Evolution
  • EZ - Easy
  • EZY - Easy


  • F2F - Face to face
  • FWD - Forward


  • GNIGHT - Good night
  • GNITE - Good night
  • GR8 - Great
  • GRATZ - Congratulations
  • GRL - Girl
  • GUD - Good


  • H8 - Hate
  • H8TTU - Hate to be you
  • H-BDAY - Happy Birthday


  • IDUNNO - I donít know
  • ILBL8 - Iíll be late


  • K - Okay
  • KK - Okay, Okay
  • KEWL - Cool


  • L8R - Later
  • L8RG8R - Later, gator
  • LEMENO - Let me know
  • LIK - Liquor


  • M8 - Mate
  • MKAY - Mmm, okay
  • MNSG - Mensaje (Spanish)
  • MSG - Message


  • N00b - Newbie
  • N1 - Nice one
  • N2M - Nothing too much
  • NANA - Not now, no need
  • NE - Any
  • NE1 - Anyone
  • NO1 - No one
  • NTHING - Nothing (SMS)
  • NVM - Never mind
  • NVR - Never


  • O4U Only for you
  • OIC Oh, I see
  • ONL Online
  • ORLY Oh really?
  • OVA Over


  • P911 - Parents alert
  • PEEPS - People
  • PIC - Picture
  • PL8 - Plate
  • PLS - Please
  • PLZ - Please
  • PROLLY - Probably
  • PROGGY - computer program
  • PRON - pornography
  • PRT - Party
  • PU - That stinks!
  • PZ - Peace
  • PZA - Pizza


  • QSO - Conversation
  • QT - Cutie
  • QTPI - Cutie pie

    R - Text Abbreviations

  • R8 - Rate (SMS)
  • RLY - Really
  • RU - Are you?
  • RUT - Are you there?
  • RUOK - Are you okay?
  • RX - Regards
  • RUMOF - Are you male or female?


  • S2R - Send to receive
  • S2S - Sorry to say
  • SH^ - Shut up
  • SIG2R - Sorry, I got to run
  • SK8 - Skate
  • SK8NG - Skating
  • SK8R - Skater
  • SK8RBOI - Skater Boy
  • SPK - Speak
  • SRSLY - Seriously
  • SQ - Square
  • SRY - Sorry
  • STR8 - Straight
  • SUX - sucks or it sucks
  • SUP - What's up?

    T - Texting Abbreviations

  • T+ Think positive
  • T4BU - Thanks for being you
  • T:)T - Think happy thoughts
  • TANK - Meaning really strong
  • TANKED - owned
  • TANKING - owning
  • THX - Thanks
  • THNX - Thanks
  • THNQ - Thank-you
  • TLK2UL8R - Talk to you later
  • TTLY - Totally
  • TU - Thank you


  • ^URS - Up yours
  • U-L - You will
  • UN4TUN8 - Unfortunate
  • UNBLEFBLE - Unbelievable
  • UNCRTN - Uncertain
  • UOK (Are) - You ok?
  • UR - Your / You’re
  • UR - Your
  • URA* - You are a star
  • URH - You are hot (U R Hot)
  • USU - Usually
  • UT2L - You take too long
  • UR2YS4ME - You are too wise for me

    V - Text Abbreviations

  • VRY - Very


  • W@ - What?
  • W/ - With
  • W3 - WWW (Web address)
  • W8 - Wait
  • WAN2 - Want to? (SMS)
  • WAN2TLK - Want to talk
  • WBU - What about you?
  • WC - Welcome
  • W/END - Weekend
  • WE - Whatever
  • WK - Week
  • WKD - Weekend
  • WRK - Work
  • WRU@ - Where are you at?
  • WUP - What-s up?
  • WH5 Who, what, when, where, why

    X - Abbreviations

  • XLNT - Excellent

    Z - Abbreviations

  • Z - Said
  • ZUP - What's up?

Text abbreviations aren't just for cell phones

A text abbreviation doesn't just fit into a text message either, it can easily be implemented into emails between friends, through the use of chat functions on social networking sites, or the use of instant messengers such as MSN or Yahoo. Texting slang is growing ever more popular across the world through these online modes of communication, so perhaps it is time that you got involved.

We do not suggest that you go ahead and use any texting abbreviations or texting symbols in formal correspondence though, for instance if you work for a company where you have to send out letters and emails to customers they will not appreciate a 'lol' or ':)' when you are writing to them! This is mainly because most text message abbreviations are seen as slang and thus there is a time and a place for it and this is not through formal communication at work.

Texting Acronyms

An acronym is a word that is formed by the initial letters of a series of other words, for instance arguably the most common texting acronym that you are going to come across is 'lol' which is 'Laugh Out Loud' and other texting acronyms are 'ROFL' which is 'Rolls On Floor Laughing', or 'SMH' which means 'Shaking My Head'. These are all used as a shorted way to explain what you are doing or what you think about something. Whereby this page covers just text abbreviations and text symbols we do have a separate page dedicated to a list of texting acronyms, please click here to find out more.

This following list of text messaging abbreviations can also be a very useful tool for parents that are trying to decipher the content of a child's email or text message to make sure that they are safe and not up to no good. What may have just looked like a jumble of letters and random text symbols as a code can all of a sudden become a lot clearer with the use of this website!

So let's first go through a brief guide as to what the differences between each aspect of this texting language actually are.

We hope that you have been able to take some ideas from our text abbreviation list. As we have said, it is possible to shorten almost any word in order to make it abbreviated, so you can make your own without having to just use recognised ones that you find listed on the internet.

More Information

As you can see there really is a huge range of texting abbreviations that quite easily be inserted into any text message, or online social communication. There is much more to our website than just text message abbreviations such as our page dedicated to texting acronyms, which are perhaps used more commonly. Remember texting slang is fun and easy to use but try not to take it to work or school with you as it is not seen the same way either professionally of academically!

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