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Millions upon millions of text messages get sent every single day, and as well as having abbreviations and acronyms in them, what is also very common is the use of text message symbols. There are thousands of these texting symbols that can be used, each with their own specific meaning, for instance a smily face :) , or even a sad face :( , showing an expression in a text message. We have a long text symbols list for you on this page, so that you can find out exactly what they mean, and to provide you with ideas for your own text messages.

All of the characters that you see below will be available on your phone in the text messaging function. Many of the new smart phones will even have the facility to add certain animated symbols for text messaging, without the need to make them up with each of the below characters.

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What is a texting symbol?

You may well look at our list of texting symbols and wonder what an earth they all mean, or just generally want to know the answer to the question 'what is a texting symbol?'. If you are sending a message to somebody, whether it is a text, an email, or an instant message online, it may be easier to use some sort of symbol in order to express how you feel , or what you are thinking, instead of writing it in plain text. you might be happy, or even sad, and the use of a few characters on your keypad or keyboard, may be an easier way to show this, than writing a sentence.

If you are sending lots of text messages as well, then the use of text message symbols is going to be something that saves you money in the long run. Obviously the more that you write, the longer your text message will be, and there is always a chance that one text message can turn into two or three, if you have a lot to say. Shortening them with text symbols, abbreviations, and acronyms is a great way to make sure that you are using less text messages, and therefore spending less money.

Now without any further ado, let's check out our texting symbols list.

List of texting symbols

  • XD really hard laugh (where D is a smiley mouth)
  • X Kiss
  • XOXOXO Hugs & Kisses
  • Z% Zoo
  • ZZZZ Sleeping (or bored)
  • :<> Amazed
  • :-, Hmm...smirking
  • :) smiley
  • :( sad face
  • O:) O:-) Angel
  • O-S-< In a hurry
  • :-ll Angry
  • :-* Kiss
  • :-X Big Kiss
  • :-D Laughing
  • *:-) Clown
  • <3 Love Heart
  • %-) Confused
  • :o Ooooh!!shocked
  • d8:) Cool Guy
  • O-G-< Pointing to self
  • :'-( Crying
  • @>-->-- red rose
  • :e Disappointed
  • :-( Sad
  • :-| Disgusted
  • :-@ Screaming
  • o-&-< Doing nothing
  • 8-) Sunglasses face
  • :-)..... Drooling face
  • :-O :O :-o :o Surprised/shocked
  • :*) Drunk smiling face
  • :-P Tongue in cheek
  • :-& Tongue tied
  • :-)) Very Happy
  • 3:-) Develish smile
  • 8-) 8) B-) B) Smile with glasses
  • :-D :D =D Grinning
  • >:( >:-( Grumpy expression
  • :'( Crying
  • :v Pacman
  • :-) :) :] =) Smile
  • (:::X:::) Plaster
  • /\(00)/\ Spider
  • O-|-<|: Skater
  • *\0/* Cheerleader
  • (o< -!
    V_/ Penguin
  • =^..^= Kitten
  • /(^.^)\ Puppy
  • < ' ') Bird
    '' ''
  • (\__/)
    (OvO) Owl
    (/( )\)
    "" ""

Emotional faces

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
Ü ? ?


? ? ?


♥ ? ?

There are literally thousands of different texting symbols that you can use in your messages, and on newer smartphones you have more characters, and color in order to create your own animations in a text message.

More Information

We trust that you found the information that we have provided on texting symbols useful. As we have previously stated, besides a list of text symbols we also have lists of text message abbreviations, acronyms and a guide to text message language on our other pages, and these are definitely worth checking out. If you don't have time to look around the site now, why not bookmark us and come back later on?

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