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What is 4G Technology?

We have all heard the phrase '3g technology' branded around the mobile phone market but not all of us have come across what is known as '4g technology' yet so it is only natural to ask 'what is 4g technology?'. On this page we are going to talk about 4g technology and also what 4g network is as that is another term that you may have come across.

If you are looking for information on what 3g technology is then please see our page specifically on that.

What does 4g mean?

First things first, let's answer the question 'what does 4g mean?'. The term '4g' is simply an acronym for 'fourth generation' and that means the next generation of cellular wireless standard or in simple terms, the capability of a mobile device to connect to a wireless network and upload and download data. It is the successor to the current third generation (3g) technology and also the first and second generations that came before that many years ago.

Although it is not particularly widespread at the moment 4g technology is something that will gradually become more widely used in places such as North America and Europe, currently it is found primarily in the far east in countries such as Japan. Believe it or not 4g has actually been around for several years but in Europe and North America the technology is just not as prominent to support the 4g network so for now you you will just have to make do with 3g but keep your eyes and ears peeled as it is only a matter of time before 4g is available in more places. Having said that, as 2011 progresses more and more places are getting a taste of 4g with the larger cell phone networks bring out their own.

We hope that this section has been able to answer the question 'what does 4g mean?' for you.

What is 4g technology?

As we have explained above, 4g technology is what has proceeded the current widely used 3g technology, it is the latest and greatest in mobile technology. In many circles it is referred to as MAGIC (another acronym) and this stands for Mobile multimedia, Any-time anywhere, Global mobility support, Integrated wireless solution, Customized personal service.

If you ask the experts or look around the internet you will find that some of the main features of 4g technology are as follows:

  • The ability to connect to the network anywhere at anytime with almost any mobile technology you are using. This is the ideal and you won't realise just how effective this is until it is up and running in an area where you are. For those of you that use 3g you may find that usability can be an issue with going in and out of range of the 3g network. The 4g network is what will improve the user experience and provide much more reliability.
  • Support for multimedia services at a low transmission cost
  • Further integrated services
  • Faster internet, upload and download speeds when you are connected
  • Multiple input and output, can support more signals which improves bandwidth

It is going to overall be a much better user experience for those that are able to connect to the 4g network using a 4g compatible device.

4g network compatibility

With the 4g network and 4g technology being the latest and greatest around it goes without saying that you are going to need the latest and greatest mobile devices to support it. For instance you are not going to be able to connect to the 4g network if you don't have a smartphone, in fact you won't be able to connect to the 4g network if you don't have one of the latest smartphones. The new iPhone 4 does not support the 4g network which is more than likely why they refrained from calling it the iPhone 4g like it's predecessors the 2g, 3g and 3gs models.

Many of the large cell phone network providers in North America have said that they aim to have a 4g network available in 2011 but how widespread these will be and how many mobile devices can support this will remain to be seen. As with 3g in order to make the most of any such network you will need to be in a larger city where connectivity is possible and at it's strongest.

In a nutshell if you hear that your network provider is going to be launching a 4g network and this is going to be in a city where you live or near to where you live then the chances are you are going to be able to experience it should you have use of a mobile device that supports the technology.

More that what 4g technology is

Thank you for reading our page on what 4g technology is and what the 4g network is, there is much more to our site so please feel free to look around. If you want to learn more about 3g technology then please take a look at our dedicated page.

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