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What is an Android Phone?

If you are one of the millions of people looking to get a new cell phone you may find yourself asking 'what is an android phone?'. The google android phone is one of the newest but biggest players in the cell phone market and this page is going to give you the consumer a quick and simple guide as to what android is. We are also going to give you some information on the top android phones that are available on the market as well as a list of the Google android cell phones that are due to be released this year, in 2011.

What is an android cell phone?

So first off we are going to answer the key question 'what is android?', without the use of jargon and technical lingo that the average cell phone consumer does not care for or understand. The android cell phone is in short a smart phone, for more information on android cell phones and other smart phones check out our 'what is a smart phone?' page. The android phone is pretty much a hand help computer in all that it can do, it can do way more than just make calls and send text messages as it can access the internet, take pictures, stream videos, play music, play games amongst many other awesome functions.

The android is an operating system that mobile phones use, just think of your computer running windows as it's operating system. There are various different types of this operating system and it is powered by none other than Google, hence the full name 'the Google android phone'. The operating systems are numbered versions and each version varies from the other in what the phone can do and how it does it, for instance one version may be touch screen only, whereby another may have physical buttons to use as well. When you are shopping around for a new android cell phone you will find them labelled as '2.x' and '3.x' currently, android is what many people see as the biggest competitor to the Apple iPhone. The android operating system came out in 2008 but only seems to have come to real prominence in the last couple of years 2010-11, however it continues to grow.

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The generic layout for Google android cell phones is to have a number of different 'home' screens, these home screens will contain shortcuts to launch applications, they can also contain widgets which are small programs that serve a single purpose on the phone, this can be anything from steaming video to showing you that you have received an email.

In addition to what an android cell phone is a small piece of information that you may wish to know is that despite the many version of the Google android cell phones and their increasing popularity, they do not actually hold any more than a ten per cent share in the cell phone market with the Apple iPhone being by far and away the leader. Android is what is seen to be one of the main competitors to Apple though and some half a million people are believed to activate a Google android phone every day, which suggests increasing popularity.

What is android? - Key android features

When you are thinking 'what is android?' you are also going to want to know what an android phone can do, what the main features of the phone are. This section is going to list some of the main features that the Google android cell phones offer the consumer.

  • The basics - As you would expect with any cell phone, the Google android phone can make calls and send text messages, this is just standard!
  • User friendly - Google android phones are very user friendly, with the variation of models and versions you can choose one that you find easy to use, whether that is one with a physical keypad or touch screen to the way that you can launch and run the many applications that the Google android cell phones offer.
  • Applications - There a whole stack of applications that can be put onto Google android phones and many of these are Google developed so are the business. In this respect it is more what isn't android than what is android! You can have an application for pretty much anything these days, check out the android app store and have a browse! It is also possible to run multiple applications at the same time.
  • Links up with Google applications - The google android cell phones can link up with Google's big features such as Google Maps.
  • Variance of network carriers - The android phones as a whole support more network carriers than it's competitors, this is a big plus if you know which carrier you want to go with.
  • Range of keypads - Android phones can have either physical or virtual keypad, this may not seem like something to shout about but it is a big thing for a lot of people that like one or the other and with the Apple iPhone only having a touch screen and no physical buttons the variation can win a lot of consumers over.
  • Share images - You can share images with Google's image service Picasa. An android phone is what many people buy to make the most of such services on their cell phone.
  • Voice recognition technology - For those that want to show off or don't have free hands!
  • Customise the phone to your liking - You can easily customize the home screen on your android cell phone to suit your needs, have the most useful applications and widgets right there in front of you instead of weeding them out of others you don't need or use.
  • Flash - Supports flash technology that makes browsing on the net as good as on a computer. When asking what is android and what can it do this is an impressive feature that it boasts.
  • Camera - Record and share pictures and videos via the internet, MMS messaging and email.
  • Price - With the range of models you can choose a cheaper android cell phone model if you don't want or need to go top end.
  • Sync - You can syn to multiple services wirelessly
  • Fast upload and download speed - 3g models are rife but some of the Google android cell phones support the new 4g technology that allows you to connect to a 4g network, carrier permitting, and experience super fast upload and download speeds when online. For more information on what 4g technology is and what 3g technology is check out our dedicated pages.

We hope that this section has been useful to you in answering the question what is an android phone and what can it do? There are so many more features to the android phones and to see just how good they are you should check out some reviews or go ahead and buy one and see how you get on with it. Most phone companies will offer you a no hassle refund within a certain period so it is almost like a free trial!

Further to talking about what android is we are going to list the new Google android cell phones that are due to be released this year.

What are android phones? - Android phones 2011

So when you ask 'what are android phones?' you may not just mean this literally so here we are going to list some of the top android phones that have been released this year, 2011.

  • Motorola Atrix
  • LG Optimus 2x
  • Motorola Droid Bionic
  • HTC Thundebolt
  • HTC Merge
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
  • Samsung Infuse 4g
  • LG Revolution
  • Samsung Stealth V
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo
  • HTC Pyramid
  • Nexus S
  • LG Optimus 3D
  • Dell Thunder
  • Samsung Galaxy S2

As you can see there are a great deal of Google android cell phones due to be released over 2011 and there are likely to be more in addition to these. If you are thinking of buying an android phone then other than asking what is android it is worth checking out the specifications and reviews for some of these models to see which one offers the features that will be best suited to your needs when it comes to using a cell phone. As you will have seen earlier on in the page the question is more what can an android do than about what android phones are.

What is android? Who makes the Google android cell phone

As we have explained earlier on in our 'what is an android cell phone?' section, android is simply the operating system of a cell phone and this means that there is not just a single manufacturer as there is with the iPhone that is operated and manufactured by Apple. This means that there is a fair bit of variation in the android phone market as there are several different versions to choose from.

Here is a list of the main cell phone manufacturers that make the Google android cell phones.

  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Motorola

So in addition to asking 'what is android?' you are probably going to want to know what cell phone networks or carriers can be used with the Google android phones. You will find that all of the big networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon in North America and Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK will offer Android phones on their network as will almost all of their competitors

Top Android Phones

Having read our what is an android phone section you now know what android is, you also know which cell phone manufacturers make them and also many of the amazing things that the Google android cell phones can do. Now we are briefly going to talk about the top android phones,, the most popular android phones what are available on the market today.

Here are a list of the top 10 android cell phones provided by PC world, one of the top cell phone retailers online and on the high street.

  1. HTC Thunderbolt
  2. T-Mobile G2X
  3. Motorola Atrix 4G
  4. Samsung Charge
  5. Samsung Epic 4G
  6. T-Mobile myTouch 4G
  7. HTC Evo 4G
  8. Motorola Droid X
  9. Samsung Galaxy S 4G
  10. HTC Incredible 2

Please bear in mind that new phones are being released all of the time so this list of top android phones is subject to change as time goes on. Hopefully you are now able to choose if you want an android phone or not though due to our what is an android phone page and the information on it.

You will see in the above list that many of the top android cell phones are 4g compatible phones, for more information see the what is 4g technology page.

More than what is an android phone

We hope that this page has been useful to you and that you have been able to determine what android is. There is much more to our site than just information on what is an android phone so we do hope that you take a look around at many of the other pages that may be of interest to you. We have lots of information on other smart phones on our 'best smart phones' page and also a further breakdown of what a smart phone is on another dedicated page. There are going to be many more top android phones released in 2011 and 2012 so keep your eye out for these and good luck in finding the right Google android cell phones for you.

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